15 things you can DO to help someone who is homeless in Manchester


We all want to help in some way don’t we? But, what’s the best thing to do?

Our research shows the public are unsure of what to do for the best. There are some amazing organisations and volunteer groups out there in Manchester – now, using the new Street Support website, you can find exactly what services they provide to support people who are homeless.

Street Support helps you to DO the right thing to help, so they can get what they actually need.

Here are 15 things you can DO on Street Support:

Emergency HelpFind Emergency Help – Find out what to do if you want to help someone who has recently been made homeless.
Drop In ServicesDrop In Services – If someone’s recently homeless it’s important they get the right advice quickly. Tap ‘Drop In’ to find the closest place to go for advice and support.
Meal ServicesMeal Services – There are lots of organisations providing food regularly in the city. There could be one on the next street to where you are! Click ‘Meals’ to find all of the places and times that food is available.
Homelessness Organisation InformationOrganisation Information – Did you know there are (currently) 46 organisations listed on Street Support who are trying to tackle homelessness in the city? Click here to see the full directly, addresses, services, phone numbers and opening times.
Find HelpFind Help – Here you will find all the local services that are out there to meet the specific needs of someone who is homeless. Accommodation, Medical Services, Food Banks etc., they are all on there.
Big Change FundBig Change Fund – You can donate to the Big Change Fund here. Those who provide support to rough sleepers advise that giving money to people who are begging isn’t an effective way to support them to move away from the streets. Money donated to the fund is used to pay for training courses, clothes for a job interview, transport etc.
Give ItemsGive Items – See what the charities and volunteer groups are specifically asking for. Baby formula, toiletries, socks… can you help?
Give TimeGive Time – See what skills the charities and volunteer groups specifically are asking for. Graphic Designer, translator, money mentor… have you got the right skills to help?
Give MoneyGive Money – See what the charities and volunteer groups are specifically asking for. Sometimes it feels good to buy something specific rather than just donate. Fresh food for 5 people for a week: £50… can you help?
VolunteerVolunteer – Offer your skills and resources. Have you got top-notch administration skills? Perhaps you are a DIY expert? Fill in the form and register your skills, experience and availability; and when organisations need your skills they can get in touch.
News, Stories and ArticlesRead News, Stories and Articles – What is it like being homeless? How do you start a conversation with someone who is experiencing homelessness so you can help? What’s happening in Manchester regarding homelessness? Learn and get to know more on the blog.
Learn about the Manchester Homelessness CharterLearn about the Manchester Homelessness Charter – Did you know that Manchester has a new Homelessness Charter? It’s to unite people, organisations and businesses with one shared vision – to end homelessness together. Read about the charter’s vision and values here.
Pledge your SupportPledge Your Support – If you are a business, organisation, or individual, perhaps you can make a pledge to share your skills or resources for the benefit of people who are homeless in Manchester. Complete the form with your pledge and if you need help, the Charter Driving Group will get in touch to help with advice and connect you with the right people.
Join an Action GroupJoin an Action Group – There are 8 new action groups which are tackling key challenges that people experiencing homelessness regularly face, such as emergency accommodation and employment. Have you got experience that can help in these 8 areas? If so, join in and make a difference.
Partner with Street SupportPartner with Street Support – Street Support is looking for businesses, organisations or individuals to support the development of the website. There is lots in the pipeline – like expanding the site to include Greater Manchester. Can you support us to help all the charity and volunteer groups in Manchester?

Ps. Here’s one more thing you can do. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Spread the word to your friends about the new Street Website and let them know all the things they can now do to help. Thanks.