Training for organisations and volunteers

With a rising homelessness issue, and limited resources, Manchester charities and voluntary groups are working harder than even for those they support.

Street Support and the Big Change fund were created to support them in their efforts…

  • Providing accurate information on services, to make referral and co-ordination easier.
  • A central platform to ask the public and local businesses for items, money or volunteers that are needed.
  • A central fund that is used to buy things that people experiencing homelessness need.

We are already seeing the benefits of these initiatives, but there are many people working or volunteering for organisations that don’t know this help is available.

We are offering two training sessions in June covering how to apply for the Big Change Fund, and how to use Street Support to find volunteers and resources. Please sign up on eventbrite if you would like to come along…

Wed 29th June 10am:

Thu 30th June 3.30pm:

For any questions or feedback please contact Eleanor Watts or Viv Slack