Charter pledges update

Since the Manchester Homelessness Charter launch in May 2016, there have been 127 pledges made from businesses, organisations and individuals. These range from major donations an offers of resources, to pledges to change how services are run. Here are some of the recent pledges that help us move towards ending homelessness in Manchester…

St Ann’s Church pledge to provide a safe-space for the street homeless who are moved out of shop doorways in the early hours. In addition to providing a safe-space, Morning Hours will offer the use of toilet facilities, as well as a basic breakfast of tea/coffee and toast.

urbanbubble pledge to support those who are experiencing homelessness by providing practical support such as volunteering our time and skills and donating goods to Coffee4Craig. We will also work towards providing work experience and opportunities to those who have experienced homelessness. We will try to involve as many of the people who work with us in this initiative, to ensure we do as much as possible to support the homeless. We will also promote Big Change through urbanbubble’s managed residential properties – via noticeboards, bulletins, residents meetings and other opportunities.

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue pledge to use our youth engagement programmes, where appropriate, employment pathway and other work experience opportunities to support those that are homeless into education, training or employment; Use our estate and staff to support the delivery of services that provide evening services and other support to those that are homeless; Encourage fund raising to support those that are homeless; Work with other regulators to improve the standard of premises used as temporary accommodation for those that are homeless; Work with partners, where possible, to help prevent people from becoming homeless.

Greater Manchester Police pledge to commit to training Greater Manchester Police Neighbourhood Officers involving people with experience of homelessness, and to playing an active role on the Homelessness Partnership Board.

Manchester CCGs pledge to ensure people who are homeless will get equal access to NHS services; We will ensure that people who are homeless are represented in our patient and public advisory groups; We will connect the commissioning of health and social care with housing, employment, and education services.

Manchester Metropolitan University pledge to engage in research related activity, guided by the priorities of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership; Raise awareness of the Charter, and highlight the most effective ways for staff and students to help those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness; Promote opportunities for staff and students to engage in volunteering, fundraising and other potential projects in support of the Charter; Actively support the Big Change Fund – Manchester’s alternative giving campaign.

Manchester University pledge to (1) support our significant student body to make a difference to homelessness through awareness raising, promoting effective volunteering and social action, and encouraging fundraising in line with the principles of the Manchester Homeless Charter; (2) work with partner organisations in our region to support pathways for people with experience of homelessness into employment at the University and through our supply chain partners; (3) identify opportunities to contribute our research expertise on issues relating to homelessness; (4) work closely with people with experience of homelessness, the city council, healthcare and other public sector services, charities, faith groups, businesses, institutions and other organisations to adopt the values of the Manchester homeless charter across the University, engage in specific working groups to tackle homelessness, and ensure we are receptive to continually improving our working practices, partnerships and awareness of homelessness across our city.

You can see more of the recent pledges that have been made on the Manchester Charter progress page.

You can still make a pledge as a business, organisation or individual – we have made progress but there is a lot more to do.

Please pledge your support to help End Homelessness in Manchester.