Mental health action group – update

The Homelessness Charter Mental Health Action Group met for the first time on 23rd  September at 42nd Street, Manchester’s fantastic young people’s mental health project.

Thirteen people attended, with a great mix of views in the room, including people with lived experience of mental health issues and homelessness, people working in support services and people with a commissioning / policy interest.  The group will be co-chaired by Paul Pandolfo, ICM Programme Manager, and someone with lived experience of mental health issues and homelessness.

We spent time reflecting on what the word ‘ACTION’ meant to us, focusing on what could achieve by coming together. The group wanted it to be something specific that tackles the particular inequalities homeless people with mental health problems experience and also something that doesn’t duplicate work happening elsewhere. They want the group to do something that has lasting impact that’ll make things tangibly better for people.

Our reflections on ACTION!

  • Something we own and will do
  • Something specific and measurable
  • Naming the problem, stating the solution
  • Being clear – having a message
  • Properly targeting the people and organisations we need to in order to make the difference
  • Stating what works for people experiencing homelessness and mental health issues
  • Access – increasing access for people experiencing mental health and homelessness
  • Approach – working with front line services to develop the approach to services for people experiencing mental health and homelessness
  • Peer research – trusted to share and lived experience at the heart of learning about people’s service access

We’re about to follow up on this meeting start to put these ideas into ACTION, drawing in the voices of more people who are currently who have been recently homeless.

Our next Action group will be on Thursday 1st December from 11am, venue to be confirmed.  If you want to get involved with the Charter’s Mental Health Action Group, contact or alternatively you can register your interest in an action group or make a pledge at

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