Big Change 2016 update

Big Change pays for practical items to help individuals get off the street. Here’s a few highlights…

£36k has been raised so far.

Many thank to all the individuals and businesses that have donated so far. You can still Donate to Big Change here.

£10k has been disbursed, supporting 73 individuals.

The fund has been spent on items that individuals have needed to support them to get off and stay off the streets – deposits and utilities payments, beds and furniture, medical items, bus and tram tickets, phone and credit top up, underwear and boots.

Urban Village Medical Practice have made use of the fund to support people leaving hospital:

“The money authorised yesterday has already made a massive impact; the gentleman in hospital has a bed to sleep in tonight, and was so happy he chose to be discharged today rather than tomorrow. It really is so, so useful to have this fund to access…I can’t champion it enough, because I see first-hand the immediate impact it has for the people who we apply for.”

For more information about Big Change and details of how someone can apply, visit the Big Change section on Street Support.

Working together

This is a great example of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership working together to help people experiencing homelessness in the city. 9 different agencies have applied for funds on behalf of individuals they are supporting, with a panel including people with loved experience deciding how the money is spent.  Hendrix from Coffee4Craig says:

“It’s a great campaign and one we at C4C are immensely proud to be a part of.”

We recommend people Donate to Big Change rather than giving directly on the street – the agencies involved can ensure the money is spent to help genuine rough sleepers with things that will make a difference. If you are not able to donate, there are other ways to help.

Please continue to spread the word so we can help more people off the streets!


Big Change