Big screen. Big kindness

Have you seen the new (huge) digital poster for Street Support, displayed at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre?

It’s amazing. And what’s also amazing is how this happened:

  • our student volunteer Mike Morris approached Forrest Media for some free space who kindly obliged
  • the photography was provided by our volunteer photographer Paul
  • the digital posters were produced thoughtfully and rapidly by our partner One, again, free of charge

The vision of Street Support was and remains, to create the ‘one place’ to go to find out about homelessness in the city and DO something to help. And guess what? People are coming to help. Lots of people, kind people.

This is just one heart-warming example of many of a city that’s working together to tackle homelessness.

Here’s the 10 second digital poster:

And when Severe Weather Emergency Protocol kicks in, it switches to this one:

Thank you Mike. Thank you Forrest. Thank you Paul. Thank you One.