132 people helped so far with the Big Change Fund

As at the end of March 2017, here are the headlines for the Big Change Fund so far:

  • £65,000 raised

  • £22,000 disbursed

  • 132 people helped

By working in partnership with charities and organisations providing frontline services for homeless people, the Big Change Fund enables individuals to make long term positive changes towards ending homelessness. Here are 3 recent stories of how the fund has helped:

Cornerstone helped Anwar with new bedding and lighting for his new home…

Eleanor from Big Change spotted an article in the Manchester Evening News and phoned up. Lifeshare then got involved and helped by accessing the fund to pay for deposits for homes for Liam, Matthew & Nathan…

A man who had been sleeping rough had to have his shoes cut off when he was admitted to hospital. He was later going to be discharged barefoot. Urban Village Medical Practice helped by buying some new shoes for him for £12.99…

Awareness of giving differently and the Big Change Fund is growing in Manchester. Does your employer or business want to know more and get involved? Here’s what Rosie said after a presentation about Big Change to The PA Network organised by CityCo: “I enjoyed listening to Mooch and understanding more about the challenges of homelessness and issues on the streets. A really great event, fun and yet informative and so well organised. Vapiano were perfect hosts. Thanks again for giving your time.”

And there’s lots of fundraising activity coming up in our city to help people experiencing homelessness. Like this crazy bunch below from Frazer John Recruitment doing the ‘Manchester 3000’ – running up 3000 ft. of stairs in buildings in the city centre and running 5 miles in between. Can you do something to raise money too?

Homelessness is a complex issue and a growing problem in Manchester. We all have a role to play in tackling it. It’s heart-warming to see what is being done. And in the words of Guy Garvey…


Find out more and donate via BigChangeMCR.co.uk


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