300 people helped with Big Change fund

As at mid-June 2017, here are the headlines for the Big Change Fund so far:

  • £90,000 raised

  • £34,000 disbursed

  • 300 people helped

By working in partnership with charities and organisations providing frontline services for homeless people, the Big Change Fund enables individuals to make long term positive changes towards ending homelessness. Here are 3 recent stories of how the fund has helped:

Bedding was bought for a person going into a shared house. A small spend means with the support of Cornerstones he has fresh new bedding in his new home:

60 pairs of new clean boxer shorts will ensure that 60 people supported by Barnabus will have clean underwear:

The Men’s Room used the fund to help someone who needed Chef’s Whites for their first job. Nisbits even gave the person a 10% discount as he told them he was a former rough sleeper:

It’s great to see some new Partners accessing the Big Change Fund too, there are now 18 organisations who are using it, see here.

There’s  some amazing fundraising going on.  One that caught our eye was from Captain Dan Tastic painting 250 bins at Glastonbury, with bees and people’s names.  They are charging £20 per bin all the proceeds are going the Big Change Fund.  So far they have raised over £2,500! Read more, here.

Find out more and donate via BigChangeMCR.co.uk