MHP Update

Here are some updates from a few of the MHP action groups to give an idea of how co-production and partnership working can be effective.

Substandard temporary accommodation

The B&B Action Group is now working with landlords to improve the experience of single homeless people stuck in temporary accommodation.

The idea came from members of the group who have experienced homelessness who said engaging with landlords was crucial to making changes. The first forum for landlords was held at the end of May.

Plans for a workshop for all agencies which refer people to bed and breakfast accommodation or support those living in them are under way to make them aware of plans for change.

And the group also welcomed Christine Oates, Hostel Co-ordinator and Environmental Health Officer from Sunderland City Council, to discuss the innovative work Sunderland has pioneered in working with landlords and people in their private hostels.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Action Group is working on a marketing strategy to develop a clear message and the best way to put it forward.

Working with freelance marketing and communications consultant Carmen Byrne, the group will start by  empowering people to tell their stories and use that information towards positive change.

It plans to gather together people with lived experience of mental health issues and all types of homelessness including sofa surfing and living in hostels and ask what made a difference or what would have made a difference. They will also find out what information people need at what stage and develop specific , targeted messages from this.

Preventing Homelessness

The Preventing Homelessness Action Group is the new name for the former Presenting as Homeless at the Town Hall group after it decided to widen its remit.

The group has been supporting Manchester City Council’s homeless services and its new housing options pilot which provides a tailored approach to meet the needs of individuals.