New indoor evening service

In challenging times it is good to celebrate when there is some good news…this is definitely one of those moments.

Meals at Coffee4Craig indoor serviceFrom this week, there is now an indoor service providing food, showers, support and advice every evening of the week. The service is open at 52 Oldham Street, Manchester . M4 1LE from 7-9pm on weekdays, and 3-9pm at weekends. You can find out more about this and all other drop in centres on our drop in centre timetable.

The drop in is run by Coffee4Craig and Centrepoint, supported by VOW and NW First Aid. NotJustSoup co-ordinate restaurants to provide meals, and the GM Mayor fund paid for DBS checks for the volunteers. It’s a fantastic example of organisations working together, based on what people experiencing homelessness say is needed.

As part of Manchester Homelessness Charter, an ‘Evening Services’ action group was set up to look at what services people need in the evenings after the day centres have closed. The group includes people experiencing homelessness, alongside grassroots groups and existing day centres, including Coffee4Craig.

HaircutsThey found that people wanted somewhere to go inside in the evening, sit down to a warm meal, use a shower, and feel safe. The group worked together to design what the service would be like, and to gather funding and volunteers, but for a long time they couldn’t find a building willing to host it.

The last piece of the puzzle came together in partnership with Centrepoint, and the service is up and running, offering a bespoke service for 16-25 year olds, and over 25s.

Indoor services poster: V3 FinalIndoorPoster.

Many people are still struggling, and despite new services and people working really hard to improve things, there is more to do. Working together with people experiencing homelessness, charities, grassroots groups, the council, businesses, volunteers and everyone that supports this mission, hopefully there will be more good news to come.