Rebuilding family life

Material needs aren’t the whole story.

Daniel doesn’t blame his council for evicting him after a so-called friend wired his electric meter and lived rent-free while Daniel was in hospital after a heart attack. But he did not have the two weeks rent they demanded to let him back and he’s been sleeping on the streets of Manchester.

That’s sad – and we helped – because his son and daughter, who he lost touch with as life spiralled out of control, want to reconnect with their dad – if he can invite them to a decent home.

That’s spurred him on to get a dining table from charity and a bed from a church. Big Change partners helped him apply for a cooker, fridge and sofa through welfare.

Big Change isn’t just about practical support – finding a home and the pans, hoover, wardrobe and microwave Daniel needs from Argos. We can also help Daniel heal the damage done inside by living on the streets. He’s discovered activities such as art, sewing and doing what he can from his wheelchair in the garden.

Big Change partners will need to keep supporting Daniel for a time with a Support to Move group. In the future, he would like to do some voluntary work. He’d also like to learn to use a computer. But mostly, Daniel wants to rebuild his relationship with his children.

They are in contact, and they love the change.