Sue finds stability again

Preventing homelessness with Big Change connections.

Sue was full of hope last year when she left her settled life here to move in with her new partner in London. But her relationship soon became abusive and she had to flee Women’s Aid who found her space in a women’s refuge down south.

This year, determined to get back on her feet, she wanted to leave the refuge to rebuild her life in Manchester. She’d already checked out job vacancies for hotel housekeeping – which she’s done before – and we were sure Jenny has what it takes to rebuild her life independently.

We were in touch with the refuge and stopped her sleeping rough. On her return we got her a bed at a night shelter here before helping her find a rented home in Bolton. But to move in she needed two weeks’ rent in advance – impossible on Job Seekers’ Allowance.

We had no doubt that giving Sue this advance rent she needed would both end her homelessness and give her the stability she had so cruelly lost.