Street Support’s new locations


Homelessness is a national crisis. As in Manchester, unprecedented numbers of people are finding themselves on the streets. And just like in Manchester, people are coming together to find local solutions. In more and more cities, those solutions include Street Support Network.

New locations

Street Support began in Manchester and Leeds. But with new locations now live in Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Bradford – plus another coming soon to Liverpool – we have since become a rapidly growing national network. And it’s all due to word of mouth, as the news spreads to other cities of the difference Street Support is making in Greater Manchester.

On World Homelessness Day, Street Support launched in Bournemouth and in Portsmouth, where local paper The News welcomed its arrival with enthusiasm:

“We like the co-ordinated approach, bringing everybody together with a common goal of helping the homeless…it’s a project well worth backing.”

Meanwhile in Bournemouth, Shelter endorsed the Street Support approach too. The charity’s Kate Parker told the Daily Echo: “This system is being used as a trusted source of information on homelessness”.

Cities are reaching out to us

Perhaps surprisingly, none of this is the result of a deliberate outreach campaign. Instead, need is driving the expansion of the Street Support approach. Many people in cities across the UK are working to tackle homelessness. And they are realising that, like Manchester, their city needs a joined-up way to match information and resources with the people who need it. So in increasing numbers, they are reaching out to join the Street Support network.

We have built online tools to empower homeless people to find help; facilitate individuals and organisations who want to provide help; and enable everyone to share news and information. So we’re delighted to be able to share these tools with cities where they can make a difference. What’s more, we love to share the lessons we’ve learnt since we began our Street Support journey.

Would Street Support be useful in your city?

Do you live or work in a town or city that needs Street Support Network? We would love to hear from you. Email us at to find out how together, we can make a difference for homeless people in your area.