What Manchester’s homeless charities need right now

Looking to help but don’t know how? Read on!

As winter gets closer and temperatures drop, a lot of people are looking for ways of helping people who are homeless in their city.

Street Support Network lets you find out what is needed in your area right now. Watch our new video to find out some of the things that are needed…

Help by giving items

Each winter season, help organisations see a huge amount of donations come in that don’t always match what the city’s homeless actually need.

On our  “Give Help” hub, organisations are advertising exactly what they need at the minute. You’re able to drop these organisations a quick message through the website to tell them what and how you can donate.

Right now a range of items are listed as urgently needed.

These include things like:

  • Tinned foods
  • Sanitary towels
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Underwear

Help by donating money

Sometimes, it’s easier to just give a money donation. If you’re looking to give money, have a look at the organisations that currently need donations.

We also support Big Change Manchester – a fund that is used to get homeless people off the streets. So far they’ve raised £110,000.

You can donate to Big Change Manchester here.

Help by volunteering

If you prefer to help out by giving your time as a volunteer, you can find a number of organisations that are looking for your help, by going to the ‘Time’ tab on the Give Help-hub.

If you can’t find anything that matches at the moment, fill in our volunteer form so that organisations can contact you when they need help.

Currently, organisations are looking for lots of different volunteers, ranging from electricians, to counsellors, to people that can help with serving food.

Visit our Give Help-hub here.