Raising Bee 7 ???


raising bee’ (noun originating North America ) Definition: a social or communal gathering for the specific purpose of raising the frame of a building such as a barn: Example ‘they are going to the 6th raising bee at Code Computerlove tonight, would you like to come? They have pizza too?’


Street Support Network’s Raising Bee is somewhat similar, but somewhat different. One evening a month a collective of digital media creatives and developers (our heroes in this story), gather together for the specific purpose of helping us with our seemingly never-ending backlog of creative/digital tasks requested by people experiencing homelessness, charities, organisations and frontline workers.

We welcome anyone who shares our mission #EndHomelessnessMCR #StrongerTogether to come along and get involved.


Manchester’s Raising Bee is hosted by the wonderful people at Code Computerlove in the heart of the city who not only allow us to use their special spaces, but also very kindly provide everyone with pizza and drinks. (If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in advance).



We’re very much hoping it’s you! We welcome, (actually, we NEED), DotNet, front end and ionic app developers, UX/UI designers, content writers, testers, BAs, project managers, and anyone with the time and passion to make a real difference.


March. We’re just finalising the date and we’ll keep you posted. (Please check back here for further details as they become available ). Kick-off, catch-up, intros and mingle at 5.30pm.

OK, so that’s the what, why, where, who and when out of the way. We look forward to welcoming YOU!