An Opportunity To Get Involved

Manchester Homelessness Partnership – Open Space Event

Monday 5th March, Central Methodist Hall, Manchester

We are happy to share news of a new open space event for Manchester Homelessness Partnership (MHP).

This is an opportunity to get involved in MHP and join our collective mission to End Homelessness in Manchester.

We welcome people with lived experience of homelessness, front-line workers, grassroots groups, and anyone that has resources or capacity to help.

We will hold space to share your experiences, issues and ideas, to find out more about what’s happening in Manchester, and meet people who are involved.

Following a group check-in, topics will be suggested by those who are there. There will be a number of time slots available, whilst the Street Support team and members of MHP will be on hand to facilitate the process, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.


About MHP

The Manchester Homelessness Charter (co-written by people experiencing homelessness and frontline workers) was launched in May 2016.

Since then,  Action Groups have formed around the major issues raised, where people with lived experience of the issue, frontline workers, and other citizens with skills in this area, discuss issues and work on solutions together.

Examples of recent outcomes are:

This Open Space is a chance to raise issues that don’t fit into any of the current action groups.

We can step back to look at the bigger picture, review where we are, and decide together how to improve how we work and how to implement solutions.

Get involved

Monday 5th March 2018, Aston Room, 1st Floor, Central Methodist Hall Manchester 1pm – 4pm

You can sign up to this event on Eventbrite. If you can, please bring food and/or refreshments to share.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Find out more about MHP at #EndHomelessnessMCR