Life is Too Short (Poem)

This poem was written by an anonymous person from Bradford who is currently working through an addiction with support from Simon on the Streets.

I know the dreams inside your head,
I can only imagine what you’ve seen,
So please don’t take me to that place,
The hole you call a dream.

You can bounce me like a ball,
Or leave me on the moon,
If you carry on with this lifestyle,
You’re sure to leave me soon.

The moon will rise behind the scene,
As people walk the hill,
The owls will toot all through the night,
As dawn begins to spill.

A £10 note is all it costs,
It’s a gamble to live or die,
But every time you take a hit,
Your mamma’s going to cry.

So listen when you read this,
Just think of what I’ve wrote:
Wouldn’t you rather live a full life,
Than with a £10 note?

So please be careful what you choose,
Get up and walk away.
It might be raining in your world,
But there’ll be another day.

So get clean! Life is too short.


Find out more information about Simon on the Streets and the work they do here.