The Charter, The Partnership & The Calendar

Manchester Homelessness Charter

The Manchester Homelessness Charter is a way to bring together people who are homeless with people who are dedicated to ending homelessness. By uniting us with a shared vision we are more able to focus our efforts to tackle key challenges, and ultimately to end homelessness. Read more about the charter here .

Manchester Homelessness Partnership

Within the partnership there are 8 action groups each tackling the key challenges that people experiencing homelessness regularly face, such as access to physical and mental health support, emergency accommodation, and employment. Each group includes people who have experienced homelessness, as well as those who have relevant skills or professional expertise. Read more about the action groups here.

The Partnership Board

Co-production is central to everything MHP does and the board is a partnership between people with lived experience, public, voluntary and private sectors. The board is chaired by the Bishop of Manchester, and includes:

  • 7 people who have lived experience of homelessness
  • 2 elected representatives from the voluntary sector
  • Representatives from public sector services including the City Council, policing, health, and fire & rescue
  • Businesses, and both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University

A board is traditionally a strategic body, dictating policy and plans to other groups, which carry out the work. The partnership board instead provides a model of stewardship, protecting the co-produced partnership work that is already being carried out under the Charter. Its key role is to listen to stories, experiences and challenges from the charter action groups, and to use its influence to help remove systemic blockages. Read more about the partnership board here.

What’s On

It soon became apparent that clear feedback and an easily accessible and editable information system be created. And so, a calendar, (sometimes the oldest and simplest ideas are the best) was created.

Street Support now populates this calendar, liaising and corresponding with the Action Groups, the Driving Group and The Partnership Board. You can now see all the meetings and related events. View the calendar here.

As you can see, some events and meetings are closed, (for the groups). There are also open meetings that anyone can attend with their ideas, proposals and issues. If you would like to propose a related event, conference or training, please let me know and we’re happy to include it And finally, if you are interested in joining an Action Group, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please register to join an action group here