Resolve Together – The Unseen Builders

As part of the Street Support Network‘s ongoing push to improve their website, a crack team of developers, digital marketers and design experts have joined the cause. The monthly Resolve meetings, held at Code Computer Love, sees some of the best tech brains in the city get together for pizza, drinks and hardcore coding. They come from every corner of Greater Manchester, and beyond, to work through a list of tasks including issues, bugs, improvements and updates to the Street Support Network website. Progress is continually being made and the number of tasks being ticked off the to-do list is growing. But this work is far from over…
In April, due to the volume of work to be done and the number of kind-hearted techies keen to help, we also held the first Mini-Resolve event at Sorted in Albert Square. Yet another chance for our developers to meet and work on their Trello tickets in between the main meetings. The team is smaller in numbers, but the skills are still as mighty when it comes to their eagerness to work together.

The night kicked off at 6pm with intros and an overview of tasks from Vince, the volunteer developer at the helm of the work. New faces joined the team, as well as a couple of familiar ones, so everyone settled in, set up their workspaces whilst getting to know what skills and specialities were around the table.

By the time the pizza arrived at around 7pm, the collaborative work was well underway. The evening wrapped up at around 9pm, with everyone agreeing that it had been a productive evening in terms of progress made on the continuous backlog of development work.


Everyone is always welcome at these meetings; all ages, skill levels, industries and abilities. You can buff up your skills, lend your expertise and help connect people facing homelessness with the digital help that’s always needed on the Street Support Network site.

Join us at the next full Resolve Meeting Tues April 24th from 6pm,  you’ll be made more than welcome.