Working towards A Bed Every Night

No-one should have to sleep rough on the streets of Greater Manchester, particularly in winter. A Bed Every Night for everyone is the priority aim of the Greater Manchester Homeless Action Network. GMHAN is a collaboration of organisations, charities, the public and private sectors, businesses, faith networks and individuals in Greater Manchester.

Giving people a bed every night and the support they need is a critical first step to help people move away from and move beyond a life on the streets and into secure accommodation.

It’s a considerable task. But this is Manchester. At last Monday’s meeting of the GMHAN, workshop groups were assigned to outline the work that has already been done, the work that needs to be done and the work that will need to be done. Specifically for:

  • Young people
  • Women
  • People with no recourse to public funds
  • People with complex (multiple) needs
  • People with a history of offending
  • People with other specific needs

Please follow this link for more detailed workshop outputs

If you are able to donate to A Bed Every Night  you can be sure your contribution is going to fund something that really matters and will make an instant and significant difference in the lives of people who need help and support. (The Mayors Fund is now managed by Lancashire & Merseyside Community Foundation). Please follow the link to Andy Burnham’s latest blog.

There are a variety of ways to help people sleeping outside on the streets of Greater Manchester. Here at Street Support we have created new pages detailing exactly what the charities and organisations specifically need to help people from the streets this winter. There are so many ways you can help so let’s give what’s needed – where it’s needed.

Please follow the link to our recent blog outlining how every individual and business can help. Ways To Help People Who Are Homeless This Winter.

Thanks in advance for all your support. Together we can do this.