January 2019

A Bed Every Night – How’s It Going?

Please find to follow the latest weekly statement from the ABEN (A Bed Every Night) Steering Group. It’s not been easy, it’s far from perfect and there have been hiccups. But the numbers and the success stories speak for themselves. A huge thank you to everyone who has been and still is involved. ABEN Weekly […]

New move-on accomodation

The Society of St James (SSJ) are pleased to announce that in the week before Christmas they exchanged contracts for the purchase of a house in Southampton to be used for move-on accommodation for homeless people. SSJ is both a charity and a housing association and is eligible to bid for government grants to purchase […]

A Great Big Thank You To You All!

Thanks to all the charities and organisations – from the big nationals to the smaller locals. Working tirelessly throughout the year to help and support. Thanks to all the businesses and the faith networks. Your generosity and kindness is turning lives around. Thanks to the army of fantastic and dedicated volunteers who do all that […]