A Great Big Thank You To You All!

Thanks to all the charities and organisations – from the big nationals to the smaller locals. Working tirelessly throughout the year to help and support.

Thanks to all the businesses and the faith networks. Your generosity and kindness is turning lives around.

Thanks to the army of fantastic and dedicated volunteers who do all that they do for free – day after day.

Thanks to everyone who has offered items – from clothing, bedding and furniture to office space, IT services and pet supplies.

Thanks to everyone who has donated. Every penny from every fundraiser or whipround makes a difference to someone’s life.

This humanitarian crisis continues way beyond the festive season. Your continued support over the coming months is vital and very much appreciated. To find out exactly how you can further help throughout winter and beyond, please follow the link.

Thank you all so much. Keep up the good work. We’re getting there.

All the best for 2019


Gary, Viv, Dee, Mark, Vince, Graham
Street Support Network