A Bed Every Night – How’s It Going?

Please find to follow the latest weekly statement from the ABEN (A Bed Every Night) Steering Group. It’s not been easy, it’s far from perfect and there have been hiccups. But the numbers and the success stories speak for themselves. A huge thank you to everyone who has been and still is involved.

ABEN Weekly Statement – 08/01/2019

As we start the new year, we are reviewing the effectiveness of A Bed Every Night in Greater Manchester. The table below gives an overview of how many people are accessing the provision:

Some of the provision has hit difficulties, including The Hub in Manchester which had unexpected issues with the building’s electrics. Alternative accommodation was found for those people who had been staying there, and everyone is working hard behind the scenes to find more provision, with new locations opening soon in Oldham, Tameside and Manchester.

We are setting up additional feedback loops, to compliment the existing monitoring process. We would like to hear from people who have stayed in the provision, from the agencies that aim to support people to move inside, and from people who are still sleeping outside, to give a more accurate picture of what is actually happening, and to inform further improvements.

What makes this all worthwhile is to see people who are now inside and moving on to independent living. The following feedback was received from someone in Stockport who moved into emergency provision through ABEN and then into their own property: I can’t thank you enough for the the help you’ve provided. I’m really thinking about getting into work where I could help people in similar situations as I think the job satisfaction would be amazing. I’ve always enjoyed interaction and helping people and using your service has really opened my eyes.

In order for this success to continue, we still need your help. Items that are currently most needed are men’s pyjamas (new), people who can help with transport logistics to move items (including getting mattresses stored in Glossop to where they are needed), and the everyday items such as coffee, sugar, tea and longlife milk. Please check the items list and let us know if you can help at streetsupport.net/greater-manchester/donate-needed-items/.

This extra provision is only possible by continuing to raise the necessary funds in Greater Manchester, so please continue to give what you can at bedeverynight.co.uk