‘A Week In The Life’ – Reach Out To The Community

We spotted this on Facebook recently and thought we’d share. Reach Out To The Community are a fantastic group of people, working tirelessly with people who are homeless and vulnerably housed in South Manchester. Amongst so many other things, here’s an example of just one week:

3rd June – 8th June 2019:

Last week was another busy week, we attended 3 meetings about homelessness issues in Manchester, this is something we do regularly with other charities, organisations and statutory services to keep updated on what’s happening.

   We’d had referrals for 13 food parcels as well as providing food and drinks for individuals sleeping rough locally.

Our support workers accompanied one person to their court appearance for which we had been asked to provide a character reference. We accompanied two people to GP appointments and one individual to a mental health appointment.

We also provided a weekly bus pass to someone who is in temporary accommodation so they can get to appointments and to volunteer with us.

We were also able to provide a hold-all, clothes and toiletries for an individual who has gone into detox.

Friday morning we introduced an individual to their key worker from GM Housing First. We had referred them earlier in the year, as they had been sleeping rough in Manchester for over 3 years. It’s a small step for the individual but also a very important one and we will be supporting them all the way.

We also did one referral to Bed Every Night after our outreach team were out covering areas in South Manchester to locate anyone sleeping rough and to see if there is any support we can offer them.

We continue to be contacted from members of the public about certain individuals and we will always go out to check on anyone we are contacted about.

Thank you as always to all our volunteers, thanks to everyone who continues to support Reach Out to the Community and to everyone who donates.


Reach Out To The Community are always in need of donations of food and items for their charity shop. Please get in touch with the links below. They’re a fantastic bunch and would love to hear from you!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutReachtotheCommunity/
Twitter: @ReachOut_Com
Website: https://reachouttothecommunity.co.uk/

Thanks for your time and continued support.