Who they are

The Men’s Room is a unique arts and social care charity based in Manchester whose core mission is supporting marginalised young men engaged in sex work or at risk of exploitation.

The Men’s Room work with male and trans sex workers, men with experience of sexual exploitation and homeless men, offering practical support, advice and guidance on a wide range of issues such as substance misuse, housing troubles, sexual health and mental and emotional well-being.

It’s a friendly, non-judgemental space where men can get advice, support and signposting and also get involved in our weekly creative sessions and longer term high quality participatory arts projects. All staff and volunteers are experienced professionals from the fields of social work, the arts, and youth work. Working in partnership with agencies across Manchester they are connected to national professional networks.

The Men’s Room speak up and speak out on issues which are important to the men they work with, listening to voices that so often aren’t heard. By empowering through arts engagement, marginalised young men become more able to take control of their own lives – to feel happier, healthier and more creative.

What they do

The Men’s Room offer young men the opportunity to be involved in high quality artistic projects alongside providing support for any issues that they may have in their lives. Services include:

  • Weekly Creative Sessions (from both an artistic and social care perspective)
  • Drop-in Services
  • Outreach Services
  • One To One Support

How you can help

The Men’s Room currently delivers all it does on the equivalent of 4 Full Time staff per week. Your donations can make a real difference:

  • £1 may help a young man to engage (with a cup of tea and a chat)
  • £2 is the cost per head of a young man receiving a hot meal, perhaps the only meal in days
  • £5 provides food for a drop in session.
  • £18 supports a 1:1 session that can include a health check and social care advice.
  • £30 is the cost of a half day session exploring issues that can help young men protect themselves.
  • £30 provides food for a Group Session
  • £100 is the cost of bringing in an arts worker for a session

Get  in touch

For any general enquiries about The Men’s Room please contact:
Tel:0161 834 1827.
If you are interested in volunteering with The Men’s Room please contact Maggie:

Thanks for your time