Meet Stuart and the Exeter Homeless Partnership

My name is Stuart Hooper and I am pleased to be starting my new role as Co-production and Engagement Manager for the Exeter Homeless Partnership. In reality, this means I will be responsible for supporting and enabling the various people and agencies across Exeter to take part in and contribute to our City wide response to homelessness. I have worked in this sector for the past 8 or so years in Devon, and was able to visit Manchester last year and learn more about partnership approach.

There’s lots to do but even more to gain, in terms of improving how all of us think about and address homelessness in all its forms.

Street Support is a great first step – having a central resource to offer a ‘map’ of services, needs and opportunities across the City. We will do our best to keep everything up to date, and welcome your ideas, offers and help to get the most out of this unique platform.

It’s day one for me, so future updates will hopefully have more detail. We are committed to involving the whole community going forward, especially people with a lived experience of homelessness.

Everyone supporting the project thus far is committed to ending homelessness in Exeter and we welcome anyone and everyone who feels the same way to  get involved.

Best wishes,

Stuart Hooper
Co-production and Engagement Manager
Exeter Homeless Partnership