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The latest round-up of some of the stuff that’s happening, or has recently happened in and around the Street Support Network. In Greater Manchester and beyond. We’ll keep it short, with plenty of links to find out more.

A Bed Every Night
Phase 2 Launches

Mayor Andy Burnham announces £6m funding package for A Bed Every Night scheme 2019/20. Phase 2 will see extra provision for up to 400 beds. Emergency Provision starts October 1st

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A Home Every Night

The Manchester Homelessness Partnership fully supports the efforts to respond to this ongoing crisis with more emergency beds. At the same time, as a city, we need to keep aiming for more homes and support services.

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Safety. Respect. Support.

Manchester sets MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE STANDARDS for emergency accommodation for people sleeping rough. The minimum standards and vision for 2022 are to ensure that Manchester has the highest possible standards for emergency accommodation to help people who are rough sleeping to make the choice to move inside.

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Manchester Homelessness Strategy

One year ago, members of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership developed Manchester’s first co-produced strategy to end all forms of homelessness. Organisations across the city are playing a vital role, working together towards these aims in order to reduce and ultimately end homelessness:

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Remembering Stephen*

“We remember coming to work at 6.30am and seeing you sat out in the cold rain. I held your hand as you cried about your mum and your life”. An all too familiar story of a life and a death on our streets. With thanks to Reach Out To The Community for allowing us to publish this.

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