Hidden Homelessness – Families

  • 2742 children are living in temporary accommodation in Greater Manchester

  • Two years is considered an average ‘temporary’ placement.

  • The number of homeless families in GM has risen by almost 1000%

The number of homeless families across Greater Manchester currently exceeds 1500, with evidence showing hidden homeless people and hidden households equating to 10 times higher than official statistics. In the last three years, the number of homeless families in Manchester has risen from approximately 144 to 12501-2 and falls within the top 50 local authorities in England by rate of children who are homeless.

Statistics indicate 1 in 59 children in Manchester are homeless or in temporary accommodation.

Following a year of investigating the growing crisis of homeless families across GM, Shared Health Foundation have produced a report exploring the difficulties facing homeless families and the agencies supporting them. This report sets out to highlight the issues and summarises the changes which need to be implemented. 

The report includes:

  • The Typical Journey Through Homelessness (Families)
  • Survey of Current Bed & Breakfast provision in GM
  • Bed & Breakfast: Proposed Minimum Standards for Families
  • Dispersed Housing and Process Transitioning: Proposed Minimum Standards For Families

This report sets out to highlight their preliminary findings and forward a proposal for next steps requiring the support of Greater Manchester’s communities, council decision makers and central policy providers

Homeless Families.
The Gold Standard – A Proposal. Read the report here.

Read the report here