Big Change Leeds

More than £50,000 has been raised since Big Change Leeds launched in late October 2018 and £34,000 funding has been given out to help close to 300 individuals so far (November 2019).

One of those individuals is a chap called Gordon, aged 40. Gordon is a recovering addict who started taking drugs at an early age and has spent more than a decade in and out of prison.

On the day he turned up at St George Crypt – a charity working with people who are homeless and those suffering from addiction – he had nothing, including no identification. Using BigChange cash he was provided with clean clothes, a birth certificate and from that, a photo ID card.

He is now on the Crypt’s Growing Room programme, a regular volunteer helping out at the Crypt, and more than 30 days totally clean of all drugs (including prescribed) for the first time since a young age.

He said:

“A birth certificate was a starting block, providing that initial sense of worth, which helped my self-recovery. I would not be where I am now if I had not had that.”

A huge well done to folks in Leeds for their fundraising efforts and to Gordon for taking steps to create a better life for himself.

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