GMHAN response to Covid19

Please refer to your Local Authority first and foremost for the latest guidance and advice for your operations. 

The Greater Manchester information below is to support local responses. The information will keep changing on a daily basis, so we will be sending out regular updates – please encourage people in the sector to sign up to the GMHAN mailing list.

It is vitally important that we all follow public health advice fully – taking collective responsibility to ensure we reduce harm wherever possible.  

In addition to local authority responses, there is co-ordination at a city region level

  • A GM forum has been set up to provide co-ordination and visibility,identify and respond to local challenges, and to escalate regional challenges to national level.
  • Key issues being considered include NRPF*, self isolation accommodation, drug dependency support, transport, criminal exploitation, support for people at risk of losing their housing or jobs, and more. 
  • There will also be a GM ‘Mutual Aid’ response to coordinate volunteering for the crisis, , and there will be a section specific for homelessness. Again details are being worked out, more info to follow.

We will have to make rapid decisions, and as much as is possible within that, we want to hear any different information and perspectives you have that we need to be aware of. In particular we would really value your input on two key questions:

  1. What might non face to face support look like to people in isolation?
  2. How do we provide food and deal with basic needs in this situation?

We need to hear and collate these responses quickly, so please respond by the end of Friday – you can either complete the brief online form here, or email to If it looks useful, we will set up one or more online calls for clarification and feedback, to support us to find a solution to work for all.

There are specific issues facing people with no recourse to public funds (NRPF). The current home office position is that they are considering extending support to those self-isolating on a case by case basis only, and not for those with a decision due to vacate Serco accommodation. A GM response is being considered. In the meantime, if you are supporting someone who needs an extension of support, you can contact

For general advice around covid19 and homelessness, please see information available on the following links:

There will inevitably be questions and things not covered here. There will be regular updates, and collectively we will have more capacity to find the right questions and answers, so please let us know any burning questions that you have that aren’t yet covered by your Local Authority or through this email. You can contact us via

Finally, another reminder to encourage others in the sector wanting this information to signup to the GMHAN mailing list here.

Wishing you all well from Street Support Network, on behalf of GMHAN.