See below for key information and updates from GMHAN including information about the next round of the GM Mayor’s charity funding, GMHAN co-design calls for integrating feedback from frontline services, update on the donation distribution process, and sharing positive news.

Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity

The Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity is making an open call for applications for unrestricted funding (including core running costs) up to a maximum of £10,000 per organisation to support the Greater Manchester emergency homelessness Covid-response. Please note that we can only accept ONE application per organisation. The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 30 April 2020. To apply, please complete this form.

GMHAN co-design space

We are hosting open sessions regularly for any feedback and suggestions from frontline organisations that will feed into strategic decisions and plans at a GMHAN and GMCA level. All welcome. Details are below…

  • Tue 5/5 11-1
  • Then fortnightly on Tuesdays at the same time

All sessions will take place on zoom unless otherwise communicated…

Update on GMHAN donation distribution

Our donation warehouse is filling up with items and we have started to distribute them out to accommodation and organisations based on a distribution panel decision. This is a transparent process and we are open to feedback and improvements. If you have items that are needed, or offers to contribute to the stock, or other feedback, please email

Sharing good news!

An individual in Firswood wanted to donate items but she couldn’t deliver and unfortunately there wasn’t enough for us to arrange a collection. Undeterred, she rallied round her neighbours and got everyone on their very long street to put out the items from our wish list so that our volunteer drivers could get them all in one go!

We would like to share more inspiring news and especially anything you are doing that is working well and others could replicate or learn from across the network. Please send blog links or information through to and we will organise and distribute.

Thanks for now and best wishes from GMHAN.