“We want definition, certainty, some kind of future security.”

Last week we hosted 2 online events on zoom for Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network (GMHAN) asking 2 key questions and hearing back from different perspectives.

We don’t believe our current various complex issues can be solved without including these different perspectives and finding ways ahead that work for all.

As positive news lands of Government commitment to making available 6000 new supported homes for people experiencing homelessness, here’s some of what those in GMHAN are seeing.

What’s next?

Here are a few things we can all do in the meantime…

  • Contact others in your local authority area, build partnerships, reach out to make sure whatever is happened next is co-produced and no perspective is left unheard.
  • Join our deeper dive sense making sessions starting in June with an introduction session this Friday 29th May: https://www.gmhan.net/news-and-events/gm-sense-making-sessions/.
  • Attend our open space events on 2nd June 11am – 12.30pm, then every 2 weeks. Look out for invites from GMHAN or check the website gmhan.net.
  • Email us at gmhan@streetsupport.net if you want to stay involved in co-producing next steps, with a note on how you want to be involved, your area of interest and location, and/or any specific suggestions.

Finally a quote from one of the attendees of the session who is currently experiencing homelessness, perspectives we want to hear every next step of the way…

“We want definition, certainty, some kind of future security.”

There are huge challenges and opportunities ahead. We hope you will join us and share what you see and want to see.