GMHAN Updates 27/05/20

Hello all. A few updates from us today…

  • Follow up from last week’s GMHAN events
  • MHCLG news and what happens next
  • Research call for people living in the private rented sector during Covid

GMHAN Events

On the 20th and 21st of May, the GMHAN held its usual quarterly event online on zoom – using virtual break out rooms and whole group dialogue to support interactive and engaging sessions. Over the two days we had over one hundred people from all of the Greater Manchester boroughs bringing their observations and ideas on what we need to see as we move into the next stage of the covid response. This included frontline charities, housing providers, people who are homeless, local authorities, faith sector, GMCA representatives, businesses, and people from the health sector. 

We asked 2 key questions and heard back from different perspectives, knowing our current various complex issues can be solved without including these different perspectives and finding ways ahead that work for all.

The event started with an open question of ‘what we are seeing’ in our roles or connection to homelessness, and then moved onto look at what we would like to see happen in the next 0 – 12 months and beyond. The visual notes from the sessions are below, please take some time to read through the different perspectives of those who were involved. There is more content to share from the events, but as an initial summary some of the ideas from the groups were…

0 -2 months: personal housing plans, wrap around support, increased substance use support (including same day scripting and dual diagnosis)
0-12 months: more housing, individualised support, further collaboration
0-12 months+engage locally, source property innovatively, integrate with health and social care

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated – it felt like a hugely positive and timely event! This is a quote from one of the attendees of last week’s session who is currently homeless, a perspective we want to hear every step of the way.

“We want definition, certainty, some kind of future security.”
– A perspective from one of the attendees of last week’s session who is currently homeless, something we want to hear every step of the way.

Last week we hosted two online events on zoom for Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network (GMHAN) asking 2 key questions and hearing back from different perspectives. We don’t believe our current various complex issues can be solved without including these different perspectives and finding ways ahead that work for all.

So as positive news lands of the UK Government’s accelerated and improved commitment to making available 6000 new supported homes for people experiencing homelessness, here’s some of what those in GMHAN are seeing. All images created by Carmen from the content of the GMHAN calls on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May. A more detailed briefing will be available and distributed in the coming days. 

I see…


What has happened…

I want to see…

What next?

More outputs from the GMHAN conversations will follow. Here are a few things you can do in the meantime…

  • Contact others in your local authority area, build partnerships, reach out to make sure whatever happens next is co-produced and no perspective is left unheard.
  • Join our deeper dive sense making sessions starting in June with an introduction session this Friday 29th May:
  • Attend our open space events on 2nd June 11am – 12.30pm, then every 2 weeks. Look out for invites from GMHAN or check the website
  • Email us at if you want to stay involved in co-producing next steps, with a note on how you want to be involved, your area of interest and location, and/or any specific suggestions.

There are huge challenges and opportunities ahead. We hope you will join us and share what you see and want to see.

MHCLG Announcement

By now, you will all probably have seen the announcement from the Government on 6000 supported homes for people who are rough sleeping. Whilst we welcome any new or accelerated funding for homelessness from national government, as a network we have several questions about the announcement, including; how and where the money will be allocated geographically, whether people not currently in hotel accommodation will be able to access the homes, allocations to Housing First and supported housing and as always, plans for people with No Recourse to Public Funds. We will continue to ask these questions to all levels of government and encourage you to do the same within your networks.
Do you have any other questions, concerns or hopes about this announcement? Let us know:

Call out for research

And finally… an ask from our friends and colleagues at the University of Huddersfield and Northern Housing Consortium.

Thanks and well wishes as always