GMHAN Updates 8/6/2020

Hi all,

Following the mega write up from GMHAN at the end of last week, here are a few brief updates to keep you informed of progress:

A group of volunteers from GMHAN are collating an initial recommendations, asks and offers framework document from what we have heard from different perspectives over the last weeks. This will be made available later in the week for feedback and input.

A number of key documents were referred to in the strategic conversation last week:

  • GMCA are responding to a government proforma on immediate supply, demand and revenue requirements for people who are rough sleeping or at imminent risk. Local Authorities are inputting data from their localities, and the GMHAN support team are inputting key principles from the GMHAN calls to be considered in the response.
  • The ABEN specification has been finalised to ensure Covid-safe provision – this includes a health led approach and community support principles. GMHAN will support the implementation of it in locality contexts and ensuring partnership working.
  • A GM proposal in relation to the Government Homes announcement will be brought together in the longer term.

As always, we are committed to co-production and partnership, and to the next phases of what happens next and how being something we work out together. We will keep you informed of any opportunities to do that at GM level through GMHAN. It is also vital that we all keep building locality level partnerships as this will be key to co-producing what happens in your area

Finally, a reminder that we all see slightly different parts of the system, and one of our roles is to collate and communicate these perspectives, to help us sense and see the whole, and enable us to co-produce what happens next. So if you have information or updates to share, please let us know by emailing

Kind Regards,