GMHAN Building Back Better – Your Input and Support Needed

As we stand in this time of ongoing uncertainty, with amazing work being done to respond to people’s individual needs with great care and ingenuity, and hotels closing and support services struggling to survive, we are more determined than ever that ‘Build back better’ means something tangible and real and towards the kind of region we want to see.

Over the course of two weeks in May, GMHAN worked through a series of online discussions, email consultation and the Lockdown Lives online project to gather the thoughts, ideas and experience of over 120 individuals and cross-sector organisations. From this joint sharing of ambitions and abilities, there was an unprecedented desire to move from the ‘management of homelessness’ to delivering housing and support which enables everyone to genuinely flourish. 

Since then a small group have been pulling together this content into an initial document, showing how we can ‘Build Back Better’, at national, regional and locality level. Others from GMHAN have had opportunity to input into this through a feedback form, email, and in todays GMHAN Open Space call on zoom.

Read the latest version of the ‘GMHAN Building Back Better’ document here

What can you do?

We aim to get a final version out by the end of the week, so you can still influence this by completing any of the following actions by end of Wed 24/6…

  1. Read the document and let us know anything you want to see added or changed.
  2. Scan the list of people we intend to send this to and let us know who else we should include.
  3. If you want to add your organisations name to supporting this, please send us your logo.

Also a reminder that you are invited to our open space events that are hosted fortnightly on a Tuesday from 11-12.30 – the next one is on 30th June. This is a chance to share the perspective you see, the successes and challenges, to build a shared view of reality across GM, decide action together, and support each other. The sessions are open, honest, lively, heartfelt and supportive, and we welcome whatever you want to bring.