Homeless Families – Call to Action

This week Shared Health Foundation have released a call to action for Greater Manchester’s Local Authorities, Health and Social Care Partnership, GMCA and political leaders. There is an absence of discussion and detail about the impact of Covid-19 on families who are homeless. We are gravely concerned about this ‘hidden homeless’ population, for whom the pandemic has made invisible.

We are calling for:

  1. Homeless children to be given the same health and education rights as children in corporate parentship.
  2. Priority access to NHS services to be given to children staying in B&Bs and hotels when mental and physical health provisions resume.
  3. For the mixing of single people who are homeless and families in B&Bs and hotels to cease.
  4. Increase safeguarding in place in B&Bs and hotels.

What you can do

We need your help sharing this call, please visit: www.sharedhealthfoundation.org.uk/hf-call-to-action for more info or follow us on twitter @SharedHealthGM