Street Support Cambridge goes countywide

Our vision is a citizen-led network, where people with personal insight into homelessness, decision makers and people with resources co-create effective solutions together”.

This coming Winter will be unlike any we have experienced before. As the temperature begins to fall, and the nights draw in, the added sense of dislocation created by COVID-19 will leave us all reflecting on what the future might hold.

Imagine how much more uncertain that future seems for those who find themselves without a roof over their heads. How and where do you get help, when the streets are almost deserted under lockdown?

We know that many people want to give support to our homeless community, be it donating money, items or their time by volunteering. Street Support is a one stop shop, where you can get help or give help to a homeless person you meet, or already know.

For the past year, Street Support has provided information on over fifty organisations and services offering help to the homeless in Cambridge city. Whether finding accommodation, getting a hot meal or accessing health services, the website has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Street Support has now started providing information about services across the whole of Cambridgeshire which includes districts East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Huntingdon and South Cambridgeshire. We’re hoping that this extended partnership will help for districts to work more cohesively in the future. This is change on a big scale and was made possible by our good man Chris Jenkin at ITAC. It Takes A City Co-ordinator Matt Nelson talks to Neil Whiteside from Cambridge 105 Radio to share more about Street Support as well as sharing his own experience of homelessness.

If you are an organisation, whether statutory, charitable or voluntary that offers support to those experiencing homelessness in Cambridgeshire and would like to be included on the Street Support website, please contact

We would encourage you to…

  • Use Street Support to find out what’s on offer near you
  • Volunteer with local organisations listed on Street Support
  • Encourage your friends to use Street Support if you meet people who are homeless and asking for help
  • Give some time to get to know local homelessness agencies and help us update their info on Street Support 

For information on the work of It Takes A City and its partners, contact Matt Nelson