More than ever, it’s important that details on the website are up to date

Perhaps more than ever, it’s important that there is visibility of all services available to people in need. The team in Reading have updated each organisation’s record on the website to reflect operation hours during the pandemic and over the winter period. We encourage you to do the same for your location so we can ensure people are able to find the help they need. SSN Reading have also created a map of services available with the aim to provide people and partners the information they need over the next few months.

You can download the map here

We’d like to say a huge and heartfelt thanks to each and every person and organisation for their tireless work with people who are homeless this year. At times, it has felt exhausting and emotional, but it has been worth it to see vulnerable people fed, clothed, homed and supported with so much care, generosity and commitment. Please know that you are cherished! This year has seen us strengthen our partnership and appreciate each other for what we do – as individual organisations you are an absolute inspiration; as a partnership we are, and have been, incredible.

Merry Christmas from Street Support Reading. Celebrate your achievements and feel proud of what you and the Reading HoP has achieved the last few months. More than anything, please take time to replenish yourselves. We need you fighting fit for what 2021 might throw our way!