Brighton’s Make Change Count Campaign

Day Centres have closed and nigh shelters are not operational due to the on-going Covid pandemic.  The good news is that all people who are sleeping rough have been found a place to stay for the next few months and the cold and severe weather shelter is open when the temperature falls.  However, these provisions will not last for ever and funds are needed to help people access the support they need to gain permanent accommodation and learn and adapt to living in new ways when the Covid crisis is over.

The city council and local homeless charities have set up the Make Change Count campaign to raise funds to support charities. Funds given to expert organisations are far more affective in providing people with the help they need to get off the streets permanently, treating people with dignity and respect and equipping them with the skills needed to get off the street permanently.

The Make Change Count campaign links local organisations experienced in supporting rough sleepers and preventing homelessness. The current fundraising has raised more than £35,000 – many thanks to everyone who has donated.

If you’d like to support the charities and organisations across Brighton & Hove working with people to help them find a permanent solution to their homelessness, please donate to Make Change Count.