Street Support Brighton and Hove – Funding Update

Brighton & Hove Faith in Action is delighted to report that initial funding has been made available to deploy Street Support for Brighton & Hove.  The charity wishes to extend its thanks to the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, National Lottery – Community Fund, Holland Road Baptist Church and Sussex Police whose kind support has made this possible.

Street Support – Brighton & Hove is a live database of all services offered to people experiencing homelessness and those who are vulnerably housed within the city.  Whereas leaflets and maps can go out of date or simply run out, Street Support – Brighton & Hove is a live database that will be constantly updated allowing service users to access information immediately and for those working with them to print off full and current information and maps to anyone who needs them.  It is also available to the general public.

Street Support – Brighton & Hove will go live on 1st February with limited information and services listed. The full deployment will be unveiled at a formal launch in April and continually updated.  Funding to keep Street Support – Brighton & Hove updated in perpetuity will remain a challenge. The charity is seeking 30 local groups or organisations to sponsor the service at £50 a month to ensure all costs are covered and this transformational project remains a keystone resource for Brighton & Hove.