St Anne’s Centre in Kemptown

St Anne’s Day Centre offers food and support to homeless or isolated people in Brighton and Hove.

Staffed largely by volunteers and funded only by donation, St Anne’s has been working with our city’s rough sleepers and marginalised residents for more than thirty-five years.

We try to offer a safe, warm and welcoming space for all, a place where clients can drop in to eat, relax and find help and solidarity. Each weekday, we provide breakfast and a hot home-made lunch, and a place where talking and being around other people can help to break through isolation.

By listening to our clients and gaining their trust, we try to help them to turn their lives around, sometimes by signposting them to outside agencies for help which is where Street Support will become a key resource for us. We work with local partners to provide services such nurse and doctor appointments, haircutting and laundry.

We have an open-door policy. This means that we welcome everyone who comes, as long as they are willing to keep drugs, alcohol and arguments away from the Centre. In practice, most of the people who come here are street homeless or people living in hostels or temporary accommodation. Some use us for just a short period of time, while others come regularly.

As a matter of policy, we do not accept funding which ties our hands as to who we can support. This is also useful to some of the agencies we work with, as we can give help to people they may be unable to approach.

We are funded only by donation, and welcome funding and fundraising initiatives.

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