Demo of how to use the Street Support website

In this video, our team gives a demo of how to use the Street Support Network website as well as how to add an organisation and it’s services.

The video is useful to watch if you would like to see an interactive view of how to use the site.

Covered in the demo is:

  • Emergency Advice: For people who have recently become homeless or for those who wish to help someone who has become homeless. The advice provided is location specific and can be tailored to suit the needs of the location/local community.
  • Find Help: See what support services are available in a specific location, how to access them, and where there are gaps.
  • Give Help: Organisations can post their needs such as volunteers, money or items which members of the public can find in this section.
  • Postcode Search: By putting a postcode into the search box, it will populate all services between 1KM – 20KM of that postcode.
  • News: Understand more about homelessness in a particular area, what is being done, and where the challenges and opportunities are.