Stories of support: Manchester Digital Collective

If I told you that I couldn’t live without my phone, you’d roll your eyes, wouldn’t you? If you had said the same to me, I know I probably would. 

But it’s the truth, I couldn’t live without my phone – and here’s why. I don’t drive but through my phone I can order groceries to my door. I can access my local surgery’s website to order repeat prescriptions. I found my job on my phone, I found my house on my phone, I even found my therapist on my phone. 

Access to the internet, and access to all the things I listed above, is integral to being involved in society – it’s also impossible without a device. 

An initiative that really understands this is Manchester Digital Collective, powered by Lifeshare. They’re taking a stand against digital exclusion and the perpetual cycle of disadvantage that comes with it.

One of MDC’s initiatives is their ‘donate your device’ scheme and we think it’s totally fantastic. All you need to do is fill in a quick form online with your details, and someone from the MDC will pop round to your house, collect your phone that’s been sitting at the back of your drawer, wipe any data and give it to a vulnerable person in Manchester who desperately needs it. 

With the help of technology a vulnerable person could:

  • Easily discover local support groups
  • Find local food & clothing provisions
  • Access Universal Credit (which is online only)
  • Use online banking
  • Shop online where prices are more competitive
  • Sign themselves up for social housing and bid on properties
  • Engage with the news and learn more about the world
  • Message friends and loved ones
  • Listen and watch as much music and TV as they please
  • Educate themselves by taking online courses

With their own device to access the internet, the possibilities are quite literally endless!

Come on, it’s been two years, you’re not going to sell that dusty old phone on eBay. Check out MCD’s website. Changing someone’s life has never been so easy.