Growing social justice partnerships and a change at St Patricks

Network members Holland Road Baptist Church and Emmanuel are continuing to work on building network relationships in the area of social justice.

It was hoped that plans to open a homeless facility at St Patricks Church, Hove, which has a long history of being used to help those experiencing homelessness, would go ahead soon.  However, plans have faltered recently due to a health & safety report on the building. However, having gained quite a bit of momentum Steve Walker (Holland Road) and Steve Horne (Emmanuel) are making plans to offer the same services Clarendon Villas and Holland Road.

The café at Clarendon Villas will be used two days a week to create a space for key workers to meet and network together, and as a place to hold client meetings. Amy, who was in place to oversee at St Patricks will facilitate this.

Holland Road Baptist Church has been able to offer its buildings to JustLife and St Mungo’s Housing First for training events recently. Neil has started a new fortnightly pop up debt and budgeting clinic at Clarendon Villas. CGL (Change Grow Live) continue to facilitate SMART meetings in the Holland Road Baptist Church Hall every Thursday.