A Month of Giving – Week One Blog

Day 1 – Cracking Good Food

Who are Cracking Good Food?

Cracking Good Food are a non-for-profit social enterprise who encourage and support people to cook affordable, seasonal and nutritious homemade food from scratch. Pretty cool idea right? They advocate for a fairer food system in Greater Manchester by running classes in hostels, offering low-fuel cooking advice and tackling food insecurity. Throughout all of their work, they strive to show by example that eating sustainably and seasonally is both possible and affordable.

What do they need?

Any kind of kitchen kit!

How can you donate?

Please check out this page on their website for a full list of what they’re after and how to get it to them.


Day 2 – Salford Loaves and Fishes

Who are Salford Loaves and Fishes?

Salford Loaves and Fishes are a charity who bring together a huge amount of experience and expertise in working with people who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness. They support anyone who needs help via their Drop in Centre & Skills for Life Centre in Salford. They provide everything from hot food and drinks, to clothes and toiletries, to health services and loads more inbetween.

What do they need?


How can you get in touch?

Please email them at info@salfordloavesandfishes.org.uk or visit their website.


Day 3 – Barnabus

Who are Barnabus?

Barnabus are a Christian charity in Manchester who provide support to people experiencing homelessness. They empower and equip people experiencing homelessness back into independent living and a home through street outreach, their support centre, healthcare and their resettlement tenancy scheme. The Barnabus support team include nurses, engagement and case workers. Their Beancon centre runs morning sessions where people can meet, eat, shower and access support. Well worth checking out!

What do they need?

Argos, B&Q or Wilkos Vouchers to help those who are moving into accommodation buy essentials for their homes.

How can you get it to them?

They can receive all your donations at their Support Office – 

61 Bloom Street, Manchester M1 3LY. Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm 

Or email admin@barnabusmanchester.co.uk to organise something else.


Day 4 – The Shoebox Fairies

The Shoebox Fairies are an independent UK charity based in Wigan and their goal is to tackle poverty at a local level and bring joy to those who need it most. The Shoebox Fairies provide care packages of essential items through their Christmas Shoebox appeal as well as through their year long New Beginnings project.

What do they need?

Toiletries! Everything from deodorant to lip balm to baby wipes. And – if you’re feeling creative, why not fill a shoebox!

How can you get it to them?

Hop on over to their website where you can learn more about what’s needed and pop them a message to discuss logistics!


Day 5 – Manchester Digital Collective

Who are Manchester Digital Collective?

You may have seen us talking about MDC before because we are massive fans of the work they do, bridging the gap of digital exclusion and the cycle of disadvantage that comes with it. They run a ‘donate your device’ scheme where someone will pop round to collect the old tablet or phone that’s been sitting at the back of your drawer, wipe any data and give it to a vulnerable person in Manchester who desperately needs it. 

What do they need?

You might have guessed this one already – devices! Any old phones, tablets or laptops would be hugely appreciated. 

How can you get it to them?

They’ll come and get it from you! Just fill in this form


Day 6 – Street Paws

Street Paws provides free vet care for dogs that live with people who are experiencing homelessness or are vulnerably housed. They provide free accessible vet care, emergency kennels and vital support that helps keep pets with their owners. For many people experiencing homelessness, their animal can be their only relationship, and maintaining that bond is essential for their wellbeing.

What do they need?

Dog toys, treats, bowls and other essentials!

How can you get it to them?

This one’s super easy because they’ve put an amazon wishlist together! Just follow the link.


​Day 7 – Ukeff

Ukeff is a charity based in Oldham, who work to help people combat food poverty, the cost of living crisis, homelessness, and domestic abuse. Their mission is to show care and compassion, connect communities and support vulnerable people to transform their lives. Ukeff support anyone facing homelessness, domestic abuse victims, refugees and asylum seekers.

What do they need?

Men’s shoes! But also other good quality clothes and shoes, any and all sizes.

How can I get it to them?

This one’s a drop-off job – please whizz it over to 72 Yorkshire Street, Oldham, OL1 1SR any time on Monday to Thursday between 9am – 2pm and also Saturday 2pm – 4pm.

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