Street Support Chelmsford live on the radio!

The wonderful Helen Wilkerson, from Cool to be Kind and Street Support Chelmsford, recently joined Nita Jhummh on Chelmsford Community Radio to discuss Brian McGovern’s legacy and highlight the projects the two organisations are currently working on.

The conversation started with Helen and Nita discussing Brian’s life and work. Brian was a compassionate and beloved individual who made a significant impact on the Chelmsford community before his untimely passing. Helen described how Brian inspired Cool to be Kind’s mission of spreading positivity throughout Chelmsford and beyond.

Helen then shared the latest news from Cool to be Kind, including initiatives to spread awareness and expand the scope of Street Support Chelmsford.

Overall, the conversation between Helen and Nita was engaging and inspiring, emphasising the importance of compassion and community involvement. Cool to be Kind and Street Support Chelmsford are making a difference in the lives of many, and Brian’s legacy continues to inspire others to spread positivity.

Listen to the interview here!