Spotlight: Coffee4Craig

Coffee4Craig provides an evening drop-in service supporting people experiencing homelessness. We do this by providing home-cooked meals, access to a medic, a shower and barbering service, advice – and a team of friendly staff and volunteers.

How important are volunteers to Coffee4Craig?

Volunteers are vital to running our evening drop in sessions. Quite simply, the more volunteers we have, the more support we’re able to offer our guests.

What are some of the current volunteer opportunities available at Coffee4Craig?

When it comes to finding the right volunteer position for you at Coffee4Craig, the possibilities are almost endless!

We’re currently looking for volunteers to help us in the evenings with

  • Kitchen support
  • Serving the meals
  • Reception support
  • Chatting to our guests
  • Donation sorting

And volunteers to help us during the day with

  • Admin support
  • Accountancy support
  • System organising
  • Data gathering 
  • Collecting and organising donations
  • Meal preparation

Find out more or arrange a taster session here.

What can I expect from volunteering for Coffee4Craig?

We’ll provide all learning and training you might need to join our friendly and passionate team… but it goes even deeper than that.

In working with us, you’ll be part of a team that’s providing an essential service to people who need a safe environment. You’ll play a part in supporting individuals on their path to recovery from homelessness.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, this is Coffee4Craig’s message for you:

It’s important to do your research on the charity you’re thinking about volunteering with. Make sure it’s a registered charity so that you know you’re going into a safe environment where you’ll be looked after.

To learn more about how you can volunteer effectively, take a look at Volunteer For Good. Alternatively, you can view more organisations near you.