New One-stop youth hub opens in Coventry

St Basils Youth Hub in Birmingham came into being as a response to the growing concern over youth homelessness in the city. Recognising the need for a dedicated service that could not only provide immediate shelter but also address the root causes of homelessness among young people, local authorities and charitable organisations came together to establish this hub. The initiative was driven by the broader mission of St Basils, which is a charity known for its comprehensive approach to supporting young people in crisis. By focusing on prevention, emergency accommodation, and long-term support, the goal was to create a holistic solution that could make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.

The establishment of St Basils Youth Hub marked a significant development in the way services for young people in distress were coordinated and delivered in Birmingham. With its central location and wide range of services, the hub quickly became a key resource for individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 facing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. From offering a place to stay to providing advice on education, employment, and life skills, the hub aims to empower young people to achieve stability and independence. Its success is not just in providing immediate solutions but in fostering a supportive community that encourages positive outcomes for young people navigating through difficult times.

St Basils grew and expanded its reach of services beyond the local authority limitations into other regions of the West Midlands and into Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

St Basil’s Youth Hub – Coventry

A new partnership between St Basils, fellow youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint and Coventry Building Society has created a brand new youth hub in the city of Coventry which opened on 12 March 2024. 

The space has been co-designed with young people who have experienced homelessness, and it includes psychologically-informed spaces to better meet the emotional needs of young people and help them to heal from trauma. 

The hub was opened by Councillor David Welsh, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities in Coventry City Council. Guests in attendance included Councillor Pat Seaman, Cabinet member for Children’s Services and West Midlands Combined Authority Mayor, Andy Street.

St Basils Youth Hub is the go-to place for anyone 16-24 in Coventry who doesn’t have a place to call home or feels like they might lose their housing soon. 

It’s a friendly spot where young people can get hold of essential services offered by the Council, like MASH (think team effort to keep young people safe), Housing Options, Horizon, and Edge of Care (a service that supports young people at risk of entering care to stay with their families). Plus, St Basils is there to lend a hand, helping to stop homelessness in its tracks and set those directly impacted by homelessness on the path to a more hopeful future. 

If you’re 16-25 in Coventry and are at risk of or experiencing homelessness, the Hub should be your first stop. It’s the smart move to get the support you need as quickly as possible. 

Recent findings from Centrepoint highlight a concerning trend: approximately 13,600 young individuals were confronted with homelessness in the West Midlands from April 2022 to March 2023. 

The Hub will provide a sanctuary for young individuals in distress, offering essential support and guidance on housing, educational opportunities, and benefits. This critical assistance will be delivered through a collaborative effort including St Basils, the Council’s housing, children’s services, and various partners such as Haven, the Probation Service, MIND, and Positive Choices.

The contact information for the Hub is as follows:

St Basils Youth Hub

Harp Place 

Sandy Lane, CV1 4DX

The Youth Hub will be open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 0121 269 1940


Referral form: Here

The aim of the Hub is to expand and offer further services and on-site guidance over time from a range of professionals. If you’d like to get in touch with St Basils about working with the Hub, please contact them using the email address above.