Street Support Chelmsford team up with Chelmsford Library

Did you know that Chelmsford Library is an amazing place to hang out if you need a place to escape? 

Whatever your circumstances, you can get lost in a book, use the internet for free and there is even a free tea or coffee available on Wednesday mornings. 

Cool to be Kind have been attending the library on a Wednesday morning to help people know what help is available on Street Support Chelmsford. 

The staff at the library have also utilised The Street Support Chelmsford team’s knowledge in staff training sessions so that they can also direct people to the help that they need on the site. 

In the near future, there will be a link to Street Support Chelmsford on the homepage of the public-facing computers so it will be even easier to search for support. 

We are so lucky to have such a caring and hard-working community library here in Chelmsford.

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