The Money House Case Study (Birmingham)

MyBnk are a UK charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes for 5-25 year olds with schools and youth organisations in various locations across the UK including the West Midlands. 

The transition into independent living can be an exciting but also daunting step. Young people go from having little to a lot of financial responsibilities and become exposed to the financial world in the blink of an eye. 

Questions arise such as

  • ‘why am I paying council tax?’ 
  • ‘How can I reduce my electricity bill?’. 

MyBnk’s The Money House programme aims to make this transition easier through financial education.  

The Money House is a money management and youth homelessness prevention programme. The course welcomes young people aged between 16 and 25 who are about to, or already live independently and equips them with the tools they need to manage their money efficiently and maintain their tenancies. Contrary to a classroom, The Money House is a relaxed environment, encouraging open and honest conversations about money without judgement.

In Birmingham, MyBnk has a Money House in Digbeth. MyBnk aims to empower young people with skills and knowledge that will prevent them from falling into financial difficulty, or have the resources to be able to manage it if they do. This can help to prevent homelessness. Young people engaging in the Money House learn about:

  • Tenancy agreements – rights & responsibilities and cost of moving in
  • Avoiding eviction – paying household bills and rent on time
  • Banking – accounts, saving, credit cards and how to borrow safely
  • Budgeting and spending habits – consumer rights
  • Benefits – entitlements & Universal Credit
  • Energy Efficiency – coping with rising living costs

Sally McLachlan manages MyBnk in the Midlands and she has shared with Street Support Network what a few young people who attended their Birmingham Money House course had to say:

H, 24

I found out about The Money House through an apprenticeship event. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy I came onto the course – I learnt a lot about managing money, saving and budgeting. 

Managing money is important because it can build my confidence when living independently. I would rate my confidence in managing money a 9/10 as the course was very informative.

I would definitely recommend the money house to others, they will learn something schools didn’t teach and the financial knowledge that will help them in the future.”


N, 21

Living with family means I have no financial strains or responsibilities therefore my knowledge on finance is very limited. If I were to live independently I would struggle greatly because I’ve never had the chance to be independent or have the freedom to choose to live alone as it’s not considered ‘normal’ in my culture. 

I feel living independently is essential for everyone – it teaches you to stand on your own two feet instead of relying on parents. I feel living with family has sheltered me to the point where I would feel scared or anxious if I were put in a situation where I am alone.

I enjoyed the group activities and discussions. I had an amazing time and the trainers were kind and friendly. Before the course I would rate my confidence a 2 out of 10 however after the course I could confidently say I am an 8 out of 10 – I have more knowledge in managing money.

My financial goal is to one day buy my own place. This is a big leap but this course has given me the confidence to make big goals since MyBnk gave me the knowledge needed to make this happen. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MyBnk. I have no complaints because everyone was lovely and the building was warm and inviting. I tend to struggle meeting new people but I enjoyed every second of it. I am very lucky to have found this opportunity because it helped me get out of my comfort zone. I would 100% recommend this course to others – it opened my eyes to a lot of things. I feel we need more courses like these, they are very beneficial.”

S, 22

I find saving and making money challenging. I was hesitant in coming as I didn’t know a lot about finance and everything to do with housing, tax etc. I would now rate my confidence  9/10 as I have learnt a lot about money. Money impacts every stage of life, therefore budgeting and being aware of how to manage money is important, especially when living independently and managing tax, insurance, bills, everyday costs that I will have in the future. My financial goals include having an emergency fund, a savings pot as well as a current account for everyday expenses.

I enjoyed the tasks we were given around the premises as well as the games as it was much more convenient and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed working and learning about money. The trainers were really kind and friendly, the premises were safe, very open and creative – it made me want to learn more. 

I am being affected slightly by the cost-of-living crisis as I live with my family but have a certain amount of money I can budget and buy things that I really need with, instead of wasting money. MyBnk has helped me plan how to budget and stick to it along with consumer rights. The course has given me a lot of financial knowledge which will definitely help me in future.


U, 16

At first, I was not confident and didn’t know how to budget. I was sceptical on how the course would go but fortunately I have enjoyed every day of the week. I am a very confident person now. 

Living independently means to me that everything involves money, so you are not relying on anyone else and that you are responsible.  My financial goal is to save up and The Money House has helped me as I fully understand how to budget and also know how to handle financial issues if I ever come across them.” 


Z, 19

I find it hard to budget, save and not buy things I don’t need. What I find most challenging about living independently are the finances such as bills and paying rent.

I wasn’t sure of coming as I thought I knew it all, but I’m glad I made the move to attend.

My financial goal is to save for my car insurance and I can do that now by budgeting.

I loved the experience of The Money House – the trainers were exceptionally good, the people I met were good and easy to work with. I would 100% recommend The Money House programme to others.”

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